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A music education at an early age is critical to a child’s development as music provides young children a creative outlet to grow and express themselves freely. The program incorporates the foundational mission of Imagination Private Preschool and Nursery which includes nurturing children through developing creativity, language, fine motor and social skills.

Group classes are held weekly and led by our music teacher Shawn Grillo Music concerts are held twice a year to showcase each class’s progress and accomplishments.

Private music instruction:

Private music instruction is offered during the school day to students ages 2 -5 by our music teacher through the Montreal Talent Education program. Each child is unique so the music teacher teaches to that child’s individual need and level. A yearly recital is held at Imagination just for students in private lessons to showcase their progress and accomplishments.

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We feel that children don’t always need to be given or shown figurative imagery. We want them to express what’s going on in their minds, to interpret the world and then express it on their own terms. We need children to interpret images that are in their minds and express those ideas. No matter what the final product looks like is irrelevant to us, because the children are learning to take images and thoughts that are in their minds and set them out into the world to share with the people around them.

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Each day the children have a discipline which is structured and physical: dance, yoga, and obstacle courses etc, which take place in the gym. We spend two periods per day outdoors whether on excursions or playing and gardening in our own garden.