Our classes are grouped by age so the children learn to live, behave and thrive in a group setting surrounded by their peers. With the guidance of trained educators, the children learn skills that will help them succeed both in their class and the real world. They include:

♥ Patience

♥ Tolerance

♥ Cooperation

♥ Empathy

♥ Compassion

♥ Sensibility

♥ Respect

♥ Autonomy/ Independence

Children are challenged on a variety of levels in areas including fine and gross motor skills, language, independence and personal/ social development.

We offer a structured environment which follows a clock, as routine makes children feel secure.

Less is more! No TV, no computers, no automatic toys. The children are going to show us what they think, who they are and what they are really made of. We feel that children don’t always need to be given or shown figurative imagery. We want to encourage them to express what is going on in their minds, to interpret the world and then express it on their own terms, whether through art, music, drama, or just through dialogue with the people around them.

Creative solutions to challenges are what Imagination is all about.